The band CHVRCHES (pronounced churches) released a new EP last month, simply titled Recover: EP . Their single from it, “Recover,” is definitely my favorite song off of it.

The 5 song EP contains 3 separate songs, and then 2 remixes of their single. I’m not really partial to remixes, although some of you might enjoy them. For now, I’ll just stick to the first 3 tracks of the EP. Hope you guys enjoy it.

This weekend I’m going away to Pennsylvania with my band mates for my birthday. Hopefully we come up with some new material while relaxing and enjoying nature. In the meantime, enjoy this Game of Thrones theme song cover by CHVRCHES.


P.S. This season of Game of Thrones has been awesome so far!

Generationals – Heza

I just heard of the Generationals the other day. I wish I had heard of this indie rock duo earlier. They just released their third full-length album Heza last week. So far, my favorite song is “Put A Light On,” which is right below!

The Generationals are currently touring all over the United States, as well as two shows in Canada. If you’re like me and live in New York City, they’ll be playing the Bowery Ballroom April 22nd. I just need to find someone to go with me haha. If you’re not near here, go check out their tour dates on their website!

Make sure to like them on Facebook and Twitter, and show them some support!


The Airborne Toxic Event

Honestly, I’ve never heard of The Airborne Toxic Event until very recently. In fact one of their songs came up on Spotify radio just the other day. The song I heard, “Sometime Around Midnight,” is just below.

I really love this song. The song is about the lead singer, Mikel Jolley, meeting a former girlfriend while out at a bar. He discovers he still loves her, goes into isolation for three days, and returns with this song.

The Airborne Toxic Event just released an EP, entitled The Secret, around 2 weeks ago. It contains four songs, including the song below, which is on their new full-legnth CD, coming out April 16, 2013.



The Joy Formidable

I recently started listening to a band named The Joy Formidable. I instantly fell in love with them. They remind me a lot of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. My favorite song of theirs, Whirring, is just below.

The Joy Formidable just released their latest album, “Wolf’s Law” on January 21, 2013. Their most recent single off that album is named This Ladder Is Ours.

I’m hoping to see them perform in April, at Webster Hall. They’ll be playing with Blood Red Shoes, and You Won’t, two other great bands. Doors at 6:00pm, and I get out of work 6:00pm that evening, so I hope I can make it!

Also, speaking of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, tickets sold out for their show at Webster Hall in seconds! When tickets went on-sale at noon today, I tried to purchase 2 and they were already sold out! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs posted on their Facebook page that they are taking measures to prevent tickets from falling into the hands of scalpers. Hopefully this will free up some tickets for me +1.

Have a good weekend!


The Killers – “Battle Born,” News, Random Songs

  • The Killers came out with a new album called “Battle Born,” this past week (September 18th). The band was on hiatus from January 2010, after completing their tour, until October 2011, when they started working on this album. Their first single off the album, “Runaways,” was released July 17th, 2012 in the United States. So far I’m really digging the new album.
  • Lately I’ve been a little busy with schoolwork, practice with my band, and other personal things. As of now I plan on doing a weekly blog post at the beginning of each week (Sunday or Monday). Each weeks post will have some music news, some stuff I’ve been listening to, and what I’ve been up to.
  • Right now I’m looking for internships that would help with my major. I’ve got 2 semesters left before I graduate with a B.A. in Media Studies, and I need to start getting experience now. If anyone knows of any internships with the five boroughs of N.Y.C. that involve Music, Social Media, and/or Advertising/Marketing, please let me know. I will be forever grateful :)
  • Here’s a few cool songs that popped up on my Pandora station :

  1. “New Slang” – The Shins
  2. “Sleep Alone” – Two Door Cinema Club
  3. “Walking On A Dream” – Empire Of The Sun
  4. “The Funeral” – Band Of Horses
  5. “Young Blood” – The Naked And Famous
  6. “Midnight Coward” – Stars



The All-American Rejects New Album – Kids in the Street

The All-American Rejects New Album - Kids in the Street

As some of you may know, The All-American Rejects came out with their fourth studio album last Monday. It’s quite a bit different from their past albums, but I’m getting really hooked on it. The first single off this album is “Beekeeper’s Daughter.”

Although I do really enjoy their single, it’s not my favorite song off the album. I’m torn somewhere between “Fast & Slow,” and “I For You,” both of which are completely different songs. “Fast & Slow” is a more upbeat song which “I For You” is a much slower song with just a single acoustic guitar and vocals. Check em both out and let me know what your favorite song off the album!

The Rejects are on tour! Make sure to check out their website and see when they’ll be coming to a town near you!



The Killers – New Album in the Summer?

The Killers

Right now I’m listening to The Killers. Absolutely amazing band. My favorite song is right below.

“The star maker says, ‘It ain’t so bad’
The dream maker’s gonna make you mad
The spaceman says, ‘Everybody look down
It’s all in your mind'”

The Killers began working on their fourth studio album in May of 2011. Bassist Mark Stoermer has stated that the band is hoping for a Summer 2012 release. I can’t wait to hear how it comes out!